Top Reasons to Have Your Wedding Abroad

Planning your wedding is the most exciting yet intense time of your life. You want everything to be perfect and you want it to look the way you imagined. If you’re stuck about having your wedding at home or abroad, our top reasons to have your wedding abroad may help you decide if a beach wedding is something you truly desire.

Destination is key

When thinking about a wedding abroad, it’s important to get the destination right and the best way to do this is to choose somewhere you both have passion for. Think about the places you’ve visited together, revisiting a favourite place will trigger romance and nostalgia that will make your wedding that extra special and meanningful.

Have a winter wedding in the sun

The best time to enjoy your wedding is when the sun is shining, blue skies are above and the sound of birds chirping away like you’re in a fairytale. The beautify of having a wedding abroad is you can get away from the not so good English weather and head for the sun. You can enjoy sunny weather all year round in Mauritius and Mexico, making these two destinations the perfect choice for a winter wedding abroad.

beach wedding

You will look naturally glowing for your wedding day

If your budget can stretch a little further, it might be worth vacating at your wedding destination a week before. Topping up your tan for your big day means you can lay off the fake tan or sunbeds and get that naturally glowing look. Spending time at the destination before your wedding is also a great way of exploring the area and getting a real insight into how your day will plan out.

The more intimate, the better

Weddings abroad tend to be more intimate, your carefully handpicked guests are those who mean the most to you. This is a great way to avoid any awkward family members or embarrassing friends who may dampen your magical day.

Don’t forget it’s your holiday too

After all your hard work planning and preparing for your big day, you can begin to sit back and let it all unwind. Make the most of the resorts spa, gym and fun activities available to you; you’ll thank yourself for booking your wedding abroad as you are giving yourself a little holiday before your big day.


The beauty is in the resort

Choosing to have a resort wedding is a lot classier than it may sound. By choosing the right resort the wedding ceremony themes, reception bar and dining is all taken care of for you, allowing you to stress a little less. Some resorts even tailor-make your theme allowing you to personalize your needs and preferences.

Picturesque memories

Filling up your wedding photo book will be a chore worth waiting for, you’ll look back and reminisce on the wonderful times you had with those that matter the most, not forgetting the wonderful photographs of your perfect beach wedding dress awhile you walk down the isle and say your vows surrounded by your perfectly chosen beach wedding theme.

Planning turns into fun

Planning a wedding abroad is a lot different to a wedding at home. You will find yourself getting more excited as the planning begins, the resort will take a lot of pressure off you with their helpful advice and extensive experience in the wedding industry. Planning your wedding abroad will become the easiest wedding decision you’ve made and all your energy will be towards the excitement of jetting off to your wedding destination.

A unique experience

Every wedding has its own personality and story to tell. But we know a beach wedding has that extra special touch of exclusivity.

At Beach Weddings, we aim to tailor-make your wedding the way you want, we use our experience and knowledge in the wedding industry to help guide you through your wedding abroad. Call us today on 0121 725 9359 to start planning your wedding abroad or fill out our online quote form.