A Boho Beach Wedding

A boho wedding is for people who don’t look for the glamorous and flashy style of wedding that a more conventional one may offer. They are modest and humble, and are characterised by lots of different things. Boho weddings are thought to be had by free-spirited, hippie-like couples who are not worried about the glitz and glam on their wedding day. Boho beach weddings are becoming more and more popular amongst couples wanting to marry abroad.

So how can you boho-up your beach wedding? Honeymoon Dreams have used Pinterest to inspire you, from dresses to décor, we hope these examples will help you create the boho beach wedding of your dreams!


Boho wedding dresses work brilliantly for beach weddings, as they tend to be an off-white colour and more casual than a traditional wedding dress, making them more comfortable to wear in the heat as they are a much lighter material.

Beach Weddings Abroad A Boho Beach Wedding Image1


Boho brides tend to have much more of a natural hair-style as oppose to a sleek, pristine up do that you may have at a more conventional wedding. We love long angel curls, messy plaits and braids, and loose up-dos. These styles are also much more forgiving on a windy beach; if a hair or two falls out of place, it isn’t the end of the world because the natural look is what you are going for!

Headpieces are also a massive hit with boho brides!


Décor tends to be beautifully hand-crafted and DIY items to give the wedding set-up a homely and humble feel to it. Because boho weddings often focus on nature, you will often find lots and lots of flowers, feathers and stones amongst the décor. What better to keep to your beach theme than with lots of stunning seashells!

A Boho Beach Wedding - Flowers


Once again, focussing on simplicity and nature, alters can made up of sticks and twigs, string and flowers.


Boho grooms often wear more natural colours, such as browns, beiges and creams. Linen and cotton are popular shirt materials so they are comfy and don’t look too formal, which is ideal for a tropical beach location!

They could also have a beautiful and quirky buttonhole flowers. Instead of a classic rose, why not go for something outside the box, like lavender, daisies or a sunflower?


Well, it’s pretty obvious that shoes are not needed for a beach wedding! But that doesn’t mean your feet can’t still look beautiful! Why not invest in some barefoot sandals? Not only do these fit nicely with the essence of a beach wedding, but they are also keep to the boho theme perfectly!

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