Jet off abroad for a summer wedding in paradise with our range of wonderful destinations. This time of the year is fantastic for a European wedding, however if you’re looking to go further afield, there are still plenty of places to choose from for your beach wedding in June. With so many romantic destinations to choose from including beach weddings to blessings, and renewal of vows, we’ve got you covered on where to have your dream destination wedding in June with our recommended destinations below:

June Weddings Abroad Beach Weddings Abroad Europe


Known as the ‘Island of Love’ Cyprus is one of Europe’s most sought after destinations for a dreamy wedding abroad with romantic locations and lovely year round weather. Enjoy lovely temperatures of 23 degrees and highs of 28 in June and up to 13 hours of sunshine each day.

June Weddings Abroad Beach Weddings Abroad Dubai


Dubai has a desert climate all year round and in June, you can expect hot weather, couples can expect an average of 33 degrees and highs of 38 degrees, which is a great time of year for your blessing whilst enjoying all that Dubai has to offer, from its extravagant buildings to gorgeous sand beaches.

June Weddings Abroad Beach Weddings Abroad Greece


Greece is blessed with stunning locations for your destination wedding. From beautiful mainland destinations such as Rhodes, which is popular and enjoys an average of 24 degrees and highs of 27, to the gorgeous Greek Islands such as Santorini, Zante and Crete that offer picturesque backdrops and romantic pool villa resorts.

June Weddings Abroad Beach Weddings Abroad Italy


Italy certainly boasts of impressive sceneries for a magical wedding abroad, with spectacular locations such as the enchanting Lake Como, 14th century town halls of Amalfi Coast, the rolling green hills of Tuscany and elegant Positano – the choice is boundless. June is the beginning of summertime in Italy, with average temperatures of 22 degrees and highs of 28 to enjoy for your picture-perfect wedding in Italy, however the weather can vary in different parts of the country.

June Weddings Abroad Beach Weddings Abroad Mauritius


Planning a picture-perfect wedding in Mauritius? June is a pleasant time of year to plan your destination wedding in the Indian Ocean, with an average temperature of 22 degrees and highs of 24 degrees. Our range of wedding packages at our hand selected Mauritius resorts offer modern luxury, extraordinary experiences and dreamy backdrops for the most perfect and romantic setting to tie the knot.

June Weddings Abroad Beach Weddings Abroad Mexico


Jet off to Mexico in June for a beach wedding to remember, with a choice of luxurious resorts, from adult-only to family friendly resorts, there’s something for every couple for an unforgettable wedding in Mexico. June has an average temperature of 28 degrees and highs of 32 degrees.

June Weddings Abroad Beach Weddings Abroad Las Vegas


Celebrate you nuptials in the USA with our range of wedding packages to suit your personal preferences. If you love the idea of glitzy Vegas, why not plan your dream destination wedding on the strip in June? This time of year is warm with an average of 30 degrees and highs of 38 degrees. Alternatively, plan a family-friendly wedding in Florida, which enjoys warm and humid weather with an average of 27 degrees and highs of 32.