How to Use Pastel Colours in Your Wedding Abroad

Impress your guests with a picturesque wedding hosting a theme of soft pastel hues. Not only will this be a beautiful ceremony, but your photographs will look absolutely beautiful. Read on to discover how to use the pastel trend in your wedding.

Add a little sparkle on your big day

If you’re eager to wear something pastel on your big day, why not search for the perfect piece of jewellery. A pair of earrings or a necklace can really add that glam into your wedding look.

Bouquet blues

Add a splash of sophistication by opting for a pastel infused bouquet, not only do they look elegant and pretty, but there’s plenty of options available such as pink roses, lavender and cherry blossoms.

How to use the pastel trend in your wedding abroad - Bouquet

Candy inspired wedding food

Incorporate candy soft colours into your wedding cake, from ombre shades of pink to creams and yellows. Why not take your pastel themed wedding a little further by sourcing pastel inspired finger food, such as iced doughnuts, macaroons and swirly frosted cupcakes.

How to use the pastel trend in your wedding abroad - Food

Paint your bridesmaids in pastels

Wearing a white dress for your beach wedding is most preferred as it looks striking against the azure blue sea and the soft power beach. One way to incorporate fashion into your pastel inspired wedding is to dress up your bridesmaids in elegant hues of blue or green, which will work best against the beautiful outdoors.

How to use the pastel trend in your wedding abroad - Bridesmaid dresses


As well as showering your bouquet with soft hues of pinks, yellows, blues and greens, why not add that extra detail and opt for pastel colour confetti. From a multi colour mixture to a selected few of your favourite colours, personalising every detail of your wedding will make your day that extra special.