Why Have A Mauritius Wedding Abroad?

Mauritius brings to life the essence of the perfect topical beach holiday, enveloped in powdery white sands and crystal-clear blue lagoons accompanied by multi-coloured coral reef and marine life. It is a blissfully warm paradise, with temperatures averaging between 21 and 27 degrees all year round. Mauritius is the perfect winter escape for Brits, as the best months to visit are the tail-end of the winter months, when it is not as humid but still very pleasantly warm. This is particularly useful to those who are looking to venture over to Mauritius to say ‘I do’, as it is every girl’s worst nightmare to be dripping with sweat under the sticky summer heat on her special day.

One of the biggest attractions for Mauritius is, of course, its pristine beaches and luxury hotels where you can bask in the glorious sunshine for hours and hours on end. This is particularly appealing for brides-to-be, who often want to look bronzed and sun-kissed on their Mauritius beach wedding.

The magical wonders of Mauritius are not only found above the water. A whole world of wonder awaits below the surface of the Indian Ocean, which is jam-packed with marine life, coral reef, and ship wrecks; both natural and artificial. Over the last century Japanese fighting ships have sunk to the bottom of these waters and have allowed new coral reef to grow and flourish. With the coral reef surrounding nearly all the island, Mauritius proves itself to be a diver’s dream world. So if you, your partner or guests would enjoy exploring warm waters swarming with wildlife and beauty, you will certainly enjoy your Mauritius wedding abroad.

Mauritius is unlike most places in the world due to its fascinating history and melting-pot of cultures from having so many different settlers over the centuries. These include the Dutch, French, British and Chinese. As you can imagine, all this diversity has had a big influence on the culture in Mauritius. The locals speak Creole, and many people can switch from English to French very easily, but there is also Chinese dialects around as well as Indian Languages there such as Hindi, Bhojpuri and Gujarati. These influences can also be seen in the cuisine. This is yet another reason to tie the knot in the fascinating country, you will never have a culinary experience quite like it! Food lovers will certainly be in their element in this magical country which is renowned for its amazing street food and blends of cuisine in every meal.


Mauritius is perfect for entertaining wedding guests that love to go out and adventure their surroundings. Hiring a car is a brilliant idea for people who want to look a little further afield and seek secluded coves, breath-taking panoramas and take strolls through the Mauritian countryside. We would recommend hiring a car from a Mauritian company which will lend you a car at very cheap rates. Wind your soft-top down and let the wind whistle through your ears with the sun beating down on you as you cruise down the quiet country roads. Adventure through a sugar cane field or walk alongside a tea plantation watching the tea-pickers at work. Mauritius is filled with stunning natural wonders such as gorges, waterfalls and volcanos; perfect for you and your wedding guests to explore during your stay.

The people in Mauritius will also make your Mauritius wedding abroad even better than you could possibly imagine. Notorious for their friendly faces and big smiles, you will never meet locals with such generosity and willingness to help others around them. You are bound to come across lots of acts of kindness as during your stay in their country. They want you to enjoy your experience in their magnificent home.

So, whether you and your guests love lounging on a white beach, doing water sports, trying new foods, venturing away from the resort, meeting locals or experiencing fascinating new culture, you certainly will not spend a dull moment in this enchanting paradise. See all our Mauritius wedding abroad resorts.