Choosing Your Beach Wedding Abroad Bouquet

A bridal bouquet is more than just a few flowers picked at random as an accessory for your wedding ensemble; it is a focal point for all to see as you stand at the alter on your big day. Your bouquet should reflect you as a person, and be filled with your favourite flowers and colours as well as keeping to your wedding themes. Having a beach wedding abroad will mean you can add even more of your own spin on your bouquet.

Show your florist your wedding dress

The colour, cut and style of your dress will heavily influence what type of bouquet you should choose to accompany it. If you choose your bouquet first, you may find yourself with a limited choice in wedding dresses as certain combinations may not complement each other as well as you might have first thought. When you go to your florist, be sure to bring a picture of your dress so you can both decide which type of bouquet and combination of flowers/colours best suits your dress. Don’t forget if you are going to be wearing a head piece for your beach destination wedding then it would be a good idea to have this in mind too, as you will want them to match!

Beach Weddings Abroad Choosing Your Beach Wedding Abroad Bouquet 1

Think about the shape and size of your bouquet

Bouquets are beautiful in all shapes and sizes, but you do not want your bouquet to be so big and bright that it takes away the focus on your wedding dress. If your dress is very simple and does not have lots of detail, then you can afford to have a bigger, brighter bouquet. If your dress has lots of fine detail and little features that you want people to take notice of, then a smaller, less dramatic bouquet would be best suited as it will compliment your dress as oppose to obscure it. It is an unwritten rule that you should not have a bouquet that is wider than your waist, as it would hide your natural shape.

Use colours wisely

With so many whites, ivories and creams that you can choose from for your wedding dress, it can be a nightmare choosing colours that truly match your individual dress colour. If you can get a swatch of material from your wedding dress maker then take it along to show your florist so they can have a better idea of the exact colour of your dress. Don’t forget your bouquet needs to accent your bridesmaids’ dresses too!

Make your bouquet your own!

If you or a special family have a favourite flower, then let your florist know so they can try and incorporate this into your bouquet. You may have a flower that is significant to you, your partner or your family. For example, one that is featured in a precious photo or an old piece of jewellery. If you show this to your florist and they will be able to shape your bouquet around this. Flowers also have special meanings, and some represent different months of the year which could be incorporated into your bouquet. By doing these things you are making your bouquet more than just an accessory; it will be more personal and a reminder of your family and heritage on your special day.


If you choose to have a beach wedding abroad, then this gives you even more options for your bouquet. Why not have a beach colour theme, or add a few shells or a starfish to your bouquet? Remember, your bouquet should reflect you and your big day, so have it made however you wish!