How to Choose the Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is probably one of the most important things a bride must get right for her wedding day. It is the most important day of your life, the memories and photographs of your wedding will last a lifetime, so it is understandable that you would want your wedding dress to be perfect for you! With what seems like a hundred-million things to think about before your wedding, it can seem stressful trying to make every tiny detail perfect for you. We must recommend, however, that you put plenty of time and thought into your dress.

Some brides know exactly what they are looking for in a dress, others have a rough idea, and others have nothing in mind at all. For a beach wedding dress, a few more things need to be taken into account than normal, as it will need to work in harmony with the weather and surroundings, otherwise your dress will be ruined or you could find yourself feeling uncomfortable in the heat!

Honeymoon Dreams has come up with a list of things that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the perfect dress for your beach wedding abroad!

Always choose which style of silhouette works best for you before you begin looking at other factors. Certain shapes of dress flatter different shapes and sizes of women. The tiniest detail could mean the whole dress looking completely different, so it important to pay attention to detail. We advise that you don’t choose a dress because it seems fashionable at the time. We say, pick a dress that suits your personal style and that you feel great in.

Choosing the right fabric for your beach wedding dress is a make or break decision! You need to choose a material that won’t be too heavy and make you feel to hot and sweaty on your big day. You could have the most beautiful dress in the world, but you won’t be happy if you are red-faced and shiny in all of your wedding photos! We recommend a light, floaty material that will keep you feeling cool as a cucumber, such as crepe, cotton, organza or Georgette. Don’t forget, if you are having your dress custom made, you can opt for two types of fabric instead of just one!

You will need to make the big decision of whether you are willing your dress to get sand and sea-water on it on your big day. If you want to keep your dress in the best condition possible, then it as advisable that you choose a length that means it will not be touching the floor.  A long drape or trail is also a bad idea, as it will collect sand and get caught, and it will blow everywhere in the wind. The perfect beach wedding dress should be still be elegant but a bit more simple than a normal wedding dress, so these problems can be avoided.

Don’t forget your beach wedding dress doesn’t have to be white. There are lots of subtle alternatives to choose from if you decide to have a certain theme of colours.

Stark White

This is the brightest, crispest form of white you can choose for your dress. This colour is better for ladies with more tan, darker skin because of the contrast it gives. If you are very fair, it may wash you out. Stark white dresses are made from synthetic materials to achieve such a whiteness.

Natural White

This shade of white is better for most skin tones, and is the whitest that white can get on natural fibres, being only a shade darker than stark white. Also known as ‘silk white’, ‘satin white’ and ‘diamond night’.


This shade of white can have pink/gold undertones and looks great on yellow/olive complexions.


This shade is suited to women with more pink complexions and fairer skin. It has yellow undertones and can look more of a creamy colour, or sometimes a softer white.

Whether you already know the exact shade and shape of your beach wedding dress down to every detail, or whether you have absolutely no idea yet, the most important thing to remember is that you need to feel amazing in your dress. Your wedding dress maker will be full of useful advice and the internet is also a great resource. As long as you will be happy with your choice for the rest of your days, that is all you can ask for!

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