A city of extravagance, Dubai is one of the world’s most enticing places to visit. Home to the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa as well as the world’s largest shopping mall, world-class dining venues extraordinary experiences, a wedding in Dubai will not disappoint. With palatial hotels and a lively night scene, there are plenty of options when planning your dream Dubai wedding. With the perfect combination of relaxation and exploration, Dubai serves as a lovely location for the perfect wedding and honeymoon, allowing you plenty of choice to venture further after your wedding to destinations such as Sri Lanka, Maldives and Thailand.

What currency do I need in Dubai?

Dirham (AED)


How long does it take to fly to Dubai?

6hrs 55min


When is the best time for a beach wedding in Dubai?

The best time to plan your beach wedding in Dubai is between November and March as temperatures are relatively cool and pleasant. The wettest month is in February.


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Adult-only resort
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• Romantic beachfront wedding
• Seamless silver service
• Gourmet menus


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• Private beach gazebo
• Dedicated wedding team
• Minimum of 80 guests


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• Host up to 360 guests
• Beachfront terrace & lawn
• Custom-design wedding



Dubai stands out as one of the worlds hottest destinations, with two long seasons of summer and winter – ideal when planning your beach wedding abroad. April begins the summer season and in June to October, the temperature often reaches 40 degrees. Sandstorms can hit the city most commonly between May and early July where rainfall can be seen, although it is similar to the rest of the country.

A vast increase in rainfall in Dubai happens towards November and December, as well as January and February, which are all considered the wettest. Despite the increased rainfall, the temperatures are still warm.


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Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Month Temperature
Jan 24°c
Feb 24°c
Mar 28°c
Apr 33°c
May 38°c
Jun 39°c
Jul 41°c
Aug 41°c
Sep 39°c
Oct 36°c
Nov 31°c
Dec 26°c