According to Hindu’s ‘Weddings are made in heaven’, therefore there is nothing quite like having a spectacular Indian wedding abroad. Considering a destination wedding combined with the Hindu traditions becomes a breath-taking celebration between the couple and the families. You can choose from a range of wonderful destinations abroad like Mexico, Mauritius, Thailand, Maldives, the Caribbean, Cyprus, Italy and Portugal. We will make sure you will have an unforgettable experience from start to finish and incorporate all your Hindu ritual and traditions within your destination wedding ceremony. From organising the Mehndi, Sangeet, Baraat, Milni to arranging the Ganesh Poojan, Mandap, Shaadi and Reception. We can help you choose the best destination venue and professionals to organise your wedding of your dreams.

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Wedding Packages

A Hindu wedding is more of a religious ceremony seen, not only as the bond between two people but also a bond between the two families. The festivities can be drawn out over the several days full of vibrant colours and entertainment therefore we will make this lavish affair a wedding occasion to remember for you and your guests following the Hindu rituals and traditions. Learn more about our Mexico Indian weddings and Italy Indian Wedding Packages.

Mehndi and Sangeet

Hindu Wedding Packages Mehndi

Hindu weddings are certainly occasions of great happiness and joy. The beginning of the wedding events starts off with the Mehndi ceremony where henna is applied to the bride (the dulhan). Professional, highly talented henna artists will be provided for the bride and guests. This is followed by the Sangeet night which is very lively, colourful and full of energy, families get together and sing traditional songs and perform dance routines for the bride and groom (the dulha). We aim to add extra special touches and work closely with you to exceed your expectations and make this a great celebration for you and your guests.

Below is the list of services that are provided for the Hindu Mehndi and Sangeet ceremony:

– Venue rental

– Food (Banquets menu)

– Premium open bar

– Table and chairs

– Décor: backdrop, couch for bride & groom, mehndi station, non-floral centre pieces, overlays for tables, string lights or partial colour scraping depending on the venue you choose

– Entertainment show

– DJ, Sound and lighting

– Dance floor

– Bridal henna

– Professional Henna artist for guests

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Hindu Wedding Packages Baraat


The Baraat marks the beginning of the Hindu wedding ceremony itself, where the groom and his friends and family enter in style.

The groom will either enter on a horse or an extravagant car while the groom’s family dance away to the drums played by the professional dhol players, making their way to the Mandap.

The bride eventually joins the groom to exchange floral garlands, known as the Jaimala ceremony, to signify the start of their marriage rituals. We will ensure your Baraat is more fun than you have ever imagined.


The Milni ceremony is the unification of the two families.

During this ceremony the bride’s family welcome the groom’s family with exchange of flower garlands and shagun, a token of good luck.

We will prepare all arrangements required by the bride’s parents and close relatives.

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Once the Milni has been done and everyone including the bride and groom have arrived to the Mandap, the priest which is the pandit ji will start the wedding ceremony (known as shaadi or vivah).

The couple will then take seven circles around a fire (Havan Kunda) called ‘phere’. From the baraat to the wedding, we will handle everything making it a successful tying of the knot.

You and your guests will amazed by the Hindu Wedding from the beautiful wedding venue, dream-like banquets to the committed staff which will bring your wedding event to life.

Following is the list of outstanding services we provide for your Baraat, Milni and Shaadi:

– Bridal hair and makeup

– Venue rental

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– Water station

– Chairs for guests

– Sound system and microphone for Pandit Ji

– Baraat: Dhol player

– Décor: Mandap, raised platform, chairs for Mandap, Havan, Jaimalas and rose petals for Pooja

– Much, much more

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Wedding reception

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On the same night or the next day the newly married couple (Dulha and Dulhan) will have a grand wedding reception. Our entireteam including the on-site wedding coordinators will remain at your disposal, gracefully orchestrating the perfect wedding ceremony of your dreams. Rest assured it will be a grand wedding event meeting all the needs and desires of the couple and families including the following:

– Venue rental – Ballroom or shaded location

– Food (banquets menu)

– Premium open bar

– Tables and chairs

– Vinyl dance floor

– Entertainment show

– DJ, sound and lighting

– Photography and videography

– Décor: elegant backdrop, couch for Bride and Groom, raised platform, table, table runners, plate chargers, colour napkins, candles for tables and elegant chairs

With both our expertise and knowledge, we are delighted to provide a Hindu destination wedding experience through our specially crafted Hindu destination wedding packages. Therefore, contact us to find out about our range of packages that we recommend for your Hindu Wedding abroad.