6 Bridal Make Up Trends for Your Wedding Day

Looking your best is no comparison when it comes to your wedding day. That’s why we’ve searched and collected some of the most popular beauty trends for your wedding day. Scroll down to reveal your perfect wedding make up look.

The Natural Glow

Give all the attention to your beautiful wedding dress by opting for a natural glowing look. To add colour and definition into your features, give your cheeks a cherry tone or add a sparkle of glitter to your eyes with a sutble gold hue for a glowing look. Soft glitter is always a big wedding make up trend to try out.

The Smokey Eye

Express your make up through your eyes with a striking smoky eye look. This look can be toned down for you wedding day by blending natural eye palettes for a more natural look. The smoky eye trend is perfect for those wanted to highlight their eyes or bring depth into their eye area. Opt for an on trend bohemian beach style wedding where this look will look it’s best.

The perfect eyeliner

Enhance your eyes with a stroke of eyeliner to create that ‘awake’ look in your eyes.  Eyeliner provides the perfect base for a naturally creative look, so go a little further and add a tint of colour to bring your look to life. Eyeliner has been a big catwalk trend for many years now and the phase will not be dying down anytime soon.

The eyebrows

It’s important to bring your eyebrows on point for your wedding day, as the brows define your entire face. Opt for a simple look that’s not too heavy while still being defined, brows are over-taking the limelight being recognised a statement accessory for every woman.

The lipstick

The decision to go nude or colourful is a tricky one, if you decide to add colour to your lips try a coral red shade. The coral colour won’t be as harsh-looking and will still provide a burst of colour for a lush-looking smile. Although coral is not for everyone, stay away if you’re dark or light toned as the coral may look too harsh. Summer is the best time to go wear the coral lip shade, as it’s a summer trendsetter.

The Luscious Lashes

Awaken the eyes with an eye full of long and full lashes to create a wide-eyed look on your wedding day. If you’re not looking to colour in your eye lids, mascara will bring your eyes  to life. Experiment with different mascara techniques; apply your mascara using different strokes to get that acquired look you’ve been looking for.

Now you’ve scrolled through all of the top make up trends for your wedding day, which one will you opt for?